Sevenair Handling

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Domestic and International Handling

Part of Sevenair Group, the largest general aviation group in Portugal and one of the leading groups in Europe, Sevenair Handling offers passenger and cargo services in several airports in mainland Portugal. We offer a flexible, fast service, adequate to the needs of the customer and with a competitive price. Experts in piston and turboprop aircraft we are able to assist any kind of aircraft.

Handling Services

Domestic and International Handling
Fast Turnaround, Technical or Fuel Stops
Weather & NOTAM
Passenger and Crew Assistance
Air Ambulance Assistance
Liaison with Airport Authorities (customs and immigration)
Slot Arrangement (through sister company Fly Sevenair)
Arrival and Departure Baggage Services
Refuel Service

Aircraft Internal and External Cleaning
Aircraft Maintenance (through sister company Sevenair Maintenance)
Catering Orders
Hotel and Restaurant Reservations
Sedan, Van and Car Rental
Crew Transportation
Daily Newspapers
Special requests