Aviation English ICAO Courses

Aviation English Courses: Enhance Communication Skills for Students, Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

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ICAO Aeronautical English Course

Sevenair offers certified English training not only to its students but also to external students wishing to improve their general and/or aviation English knowledge. All Sevenair courses such as pilot or maintenance technician include extensive general and aviation English classes.

Courses adjusted to the need of the customer are also available. With the in-house capability students are able to apply to Cambridge certificates and in the case of the pilots and flight dispatchers to their ICAO Aviation English exam. Exam preparation classes are also available. Sevenair is a certified ELPAC examination center by Eurocontrol being able to exam pilots for their Aviation English certification.

ICAO English Certificate

English has long been the common language of aviation. Pilots and air traffic controllers of varying nationalities have been required to communicate using english. Previously it was up to each country to create their own standard of aviation english. However, these standards often vary and as a result miscommunication in the english language has contributed to many aviation accidents.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) created an international standard for language proficiency requirements including a rating scale to measure the level of english proficiency. Of this scale, ICAO level of 4 or higher was officially recognized as being english proficient in aviation.

Aviation English ICAO Courses


Traditionally language tests assess the ability of the test taker to show off their language ability as best they can. As such the highest scores are usually awarded to test takers who can impress with the range of their vocabulary or the complexity of their grammar.

The ELPAC level 6 test however has been designed to assess the ability of pilots and of air traffic controllers to communicate effectively using radiotelephony communications. Effective communication is achieved by demonstrating the ability to adapt to a less proficient speaker or a speaker from a different cultural background. It also means dealing adequately deal with misunderstandings and identifying and resolving ambiguity.